Mobile Health Solution for Cognitive Task Assessments

Mobile health solution provides insights to improve mental health screening using cognitive task assessments that track active and passive data.

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The Challenge

A neurobehavioral health company that has pioneered a proprietary computational psychiatry platform leveraging Bioinformatics, Neuroinformatics and Artificial Intelligence to develop targeted therapeutics turned to NewPage for a solution to improve mental health screening and data analysis using state-of-the-art digital health technologies.  The client needed a self-administered questionnaire to collect datasets for assessing reward-based cognitive interactions. Assessments could be event-based, time-based or randomly prompted. It would work on mobile devices, and data would be stored on a secure server. 

The Approach

Based on the requirements, we designed a mobile digital tool asking participants to complete a cognitive task that assesses working memory. The questionnaire should take about 30 minutes (continuous) and include 10 tasks. The participant is then asked to keep their eyes focused on the center of the screen throughout the task. The app collects user active responses and passive data generated during the subjects’ daily interaction with their mobile devices (e.g., date, demographics, social interaction, etc.) The interactions are collected in real time via a responsive IOS application. 

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The Results

With our experience and expertise in personalized and innovative digital health solutions, NewPage was able to provide the client a Mobile App, Backend Solutions and Cloud Technologies that helped them launch their solution on time. The company is now able to more easily screen and diagnose a patient’s psychological condition and mental health wellness, facilitating the recommendation of treatments as well as drug development. The app is developed as a reusable component that can be integrated easily into other solutions. 


As  strategic technology partner, NewPage solutions brought deep technical expertise to accelerate development of key digital apabilities including development of cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform and various other digital health mobile applications.

Pablo Gersberg - VP, Information Technology and Digital Health
Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company

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