We help healthcare organizations get the most out of their sequencing data by developing solutions and tools that automate the processing and analysis steps, allowing them to focus on what they do best—their research!

How Our Bioinformatics Solutions Help You?


Hospital / Investigation Laboratories

  • If you are involved in NGS testing of patients (cancer, prenatal tests, genomics anomalies), NewPage can support the conversion of raw data to information automation and new tools development.
  • CLIA Test development – We can rapidly develop an LDT-ready assay from scratch or help you validate a pre-established LDT.


  • Large Scale NGS data processing
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Deep Sequencing data processing in AWS cloud or client’s IT environment.
  • Data Engineering

Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Pipeline writing
  • NGS data processing tools development
  • Variant Calling
  • Annotation
  • Data Engineering

Services We Provide

BCL to Report generation automated pipeline
Tools development
Support in analysis for publications
Data quality control
Data curation
Data Engineering

Our Technology Stack

Why Choose NewPage?

Experience Building Bioinformatics solutions

We know what it takes to build the right solution for your needs—Whether you’re a small research lab or a large pharmaceutical company. Our team has strong authority in working with Illumina data, proprietary and publicly available tools, efficient usage of AWS and other clusters.

End-to-end Solutions

We provide standard and customizable bioinformatic workflows and support our clients with our expertise to deeply interrogate data and identify relevant features to their studies.

Faster Time To Market

We’re passionate about finding new ways to automate and streamline the process of building these solutions, so we can help you get them into the hands of your customers faster than ever before

Experienced Team

A global team of professionals with experience helping healthcare companies with various publications, tools development, pipeline automation, clinical test development, Mouse model data analysis and publication.

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