Augmented Reality Battle Game to Educate Kids on Immunity System

Our client, one of the top 5 global pharma companies, was looking for an educational tool that would bring awareness about the immunity system in kids. The game had to be fun, educational and engaging.

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The Challenge

Immunity is a big word for kids. When they hear about the immunity system in their body, they need to understand how it works and how their body protects itself from diseases. Our client wanted to build an education tool that would help kids learn about the immunity system- different immunity cells and viruses, bacterias and germs damaging the cells.

The client approached NewPage because of our proven expertise in emerging technologies and deep healthcare experience

The Approach

We were tasked with creating a game that would teach kids about the immune system in an entertaining manner. We decided to leverage Augmented Reality technologies because it allows us to incorporate real-life elements into the gaming experience and make it engaging for the kids

The first step was creating a storyboard which required researching similar games and talking to experts in the field of immunology. We used the information to create an outline of how we wanted the game to proceed and what kind of content we needed to include. Once this was done, the team worked on animations using 3D models which were then used in the Unity3D engine for final presentation. The final product is an AR based educational game where kids learn about different parts of the immunity system.

To play, the app needs to be downloaded from either the Apple Store or Google Play on a smartphone or tablet. Once installed, a player needs to create an account or a profile. The game offers upto three different profile options. Then the player needs to choose a hero and fight against various enemies like Viruses, Bacterias and Germs.

Based on the selection of the immunity cells, at the Backend, we have configured different viruses, bacterias, and germs, which can impact a particular immunity cell and the Hero has to damage enemies they encounter during the game.

The game features a wide variety of challenges to keep players engaged for hours and help them learn about the immune system in detail. It highlights the significance of immunity cells and how various viruses and bacterias can weaken them.

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The Results

The game is an entertaining way to educate kids on the importance of a stronger immune system and encourages them to make healthy choices. Parents and teachers can use it at homes and schools to inculcate healthy habits among kids.

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