Immunity Heroes: An Augmented Reality (AR) Adventure to Educate Kids about Immunity Systems

Our client, one of the top 5 global pharma companies, was looking for an educational tool that would bring awareness about the immunity system in kids. The game had to be fun, educational and engaging. And what’s more fun than AR right now? Read on to learn what we created and how we did it!

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The Challenge

Immunity can be a complex concept for kids. Our client aimed to create an engaging educational tool that would demystify the immune system and empower children to understand how their bodies protect against diseases.

The Approach

Turning to NewPage for our expertise in emerging technologies and healthcare, we embarked on crafting an immersive solution. Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), we envisioned a game that would merge reality with learning, captivating young minds in an interactive adventure.

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Crafting the Experience

Our journey began with extensive research and collaboration with immunology experts to develop a compelling storyboard. With insights gleaned, we ventured into creating vibrant 3D animations, seamlessly integrated into the Unity3D engine for a dynamic gaming experience. 

The result? Immunity Heroes, an AR-based educational game that transports kids into the fascinating world of immunity.

Playing to Learn

Accessible via download on the Apple Store or Google Play, Immunity Heroes invites players to embark on a heroic journey. With a choice of heroes, they face off against nefarious foes like Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs, each posing unique challenges. Behind the scenes, our backend magic configures various threats, teaching kids how different immunity cells combat invaders.

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The Results

The game serves as more than just entertainment—it’s a gateway to understanding the body’s defense mechanisms. By gamifying learning, Immunity Heroes empowers kids to grasp complex concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Parents and educators alike have embraced it as a valuable tool, fostering healthy habits and promoting wellness in homes and schools.

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