Continuous Integration Speeds Delivery and Improves Quality

 Cloud-based continuous integration (CI) platform helps development teams release software changes faster and improves quality by automating tests and routine tasks. Running CI in the cloud frees developers to focus on writing code rather than managing servers and infrastructure.

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The Challenge

A company contacted NewPage to develop a Continuous Integration (CI) platform that integrates with popular cloud repositories such as GitHub and Bitbucket, automates deployment, executes tests and notifies developers of the results. The cloud-based solution would offer many automated CI options while eliminating the need for a dedicated server and enabling developers to test in multiple environments and on various machines running different operating systems.

The Approach

The client contacted NewPage because of our demonstrated experience developing Digital Solutions that leverage the latest emerging technologies. We developed a solution that supports automatic, continuous integration of GitHub applications along with support extending to Jenkins, BetaApps and onboarding of new applications (Hybrid, Android and IOS) to GitHub CI using the client’s CI tool with AWS. The CI supports IOS apps by provisioning profiles or onboarding setup in the Apple Developer site. The CI offers support for 21 languages, including Android, C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript (with Node.js), Perl, PHP, Python, R, and Ruby. 

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The Results

NewPage successfully built a CI platform solution that—with a simple setup—enables developers to easily sync projects and test codes WITHIN MINUTES. It supports parallel testing and can be integrated with Slack and email, and receive notifications if a build is unsuccessful. The CI’s “build matrix” feature allows developers to break down a build into assorted parts, which speeds up the suites. The CI identifies small and large code changes, and developers can watch tests as they are running. The CI has pre-installed build and test tools. For added security, developers can encrypt environment variables or files. The solution comes with free cloud-based hosting that requires no maintenance or administration. 

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