Pharmaceutical Marketing: a Case Study in Digital Transformation with Adobe AEM Franklin

Pharmaceutical Marketing: a Case Study in Digital Transformation with Adobe AEM Franklin

By Amjad Khan
By Amjad Khan

In the dynamic world of digital technology, companies are turning to advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) like Adobe AEM Franklin to gain a competitive edge. This case study delves into the transformative journey of XYZ Pharmaceuticals – a major player in the pharmaceutical industry – as they successfully adopted Adobe’s AEM Franklin, also known as Project Helix or Composability, to overcome digital marketing challenges.

Challenges Faced by XYZ Pharmaceuticals

  • Outdated CMS Hindrance:
    • The existing CMS posed significant obstacles to swiftly launching core products and effectively communicating with stakeholders.
    • Legacy systems lacked the flexibility and agility required to keep pace with rapidly evolving market demands.
  • Complex Website Management:
    • Managing multiple websites within an enterprise setting proved arduous due to default public repositories and environments.
    • Lack of centralized control hampered the coordination and synchronization of content across various digital properties.
  • Quality Assurance Issues
    • Features were often delivered without proper quality assurance checks, resulting in numerous iterations and follow-up efforts to rectify errors.
    • Inadequate testing processes led to an increased risk of functionality failures and user experience inconsistencies.
  • Communication Challenges:
    • The process of content creation, authorization, and delivery lacked contextual information, particularly concerning micro requirements and specific target audiences.
    • Poor communication channels between stakeholders resulted in misunderstandings and delays in content delivery timelines.
  • Product and Backlog Management:
    • Insufficient management of product backlogs and project timelines led to challenges in prioritization and resource allocation.
    • Unclear visions and objectives made it difficult for teams to align their efforts with overarching business goals, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities.
  • Consistency Across Channels:
    • Maintaining consistent branding, messaging, and an omnichannel approach across all digital touchpoints proved challenging.
    • Disparate content management systems and decentralized content governance structures contributed to inconsistencies in content tone, style, and messaging.

The Strategic Solution – Transition to Adobe AEM Franklin

Key Solutions Provided by Adobe AEM Franklin

After a thorough assessment, XYZ Pharmaceuticals decided to transition to Adobe AEM Franklin. NewPage Solutions played a pivotal role in constructing a functional and user-friendly web publishing platform, addressing the identified challenges.

  • Rapid Launch of Core Products: Adobe Franklin streamlined web publishing, enabling XYZ to swiftly launch core products and transform their communication landscape.
  • Centralized Content Management: Franklin allowed effective development and management of multiple websites, resolving issues with default public repositories.
  • Quality Assurance Mechanism: Implementing a quality assurance mechanism reduced the need for revisions and follow-ups.
  • Enhanced Speed and Performance: Real User Monitoring (RUM) assessed website loading speed accurately, providing valuable performance data.
  • Accelerated Launch Time: User-friendly tools facilitated quicker website publishing, reducing delivery time from months to days.
  • Leveraging Existing Content Sources: Integration with content sources eliminated the need to transfer information, saving time and effort.
  • Reduced Learning Curve for Authors: Familiar tools made the authoring experience intuitive, allowing anyone to become an author within minutes.
  • Precise Preview of Changes: Deployed changes accurately mirrored the production site, providing a 100% accurate preview.
  • Low-Code Approach: A low-code approach revolutionized website development, making it accessible with basic HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge.

The Impact of Adobe AEM Franklin Adoption

With faster content creation, a 50% decrease in marketing workload, and substantial cost savings, XYZ Pharmaceuticals achieved remarkable results. The website’s perfect performance score, 30% improvement over the legacy site, and a 60% reduction in development time through template utilization showcase the transformative power of Adobe AEM Franklin.

NewPage Offers a Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Marketing

If you’re navigating similar challenges in pharmaceutical marketing, now is the opportune time to consider a shift to Adobe AEM Franklin. With NewPage Solutions’ expertise, you can unlock the potential of Adobe’s Next-Gen Composability. Talk to our experts today and embark on a journey to revolutionize your digital efforts.

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    By Amjad Khan
    By Amjad Khan