Artificial Intelligence Aids Development of Personalized Medicine

Cloud optimized platform leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science to improve analysis of multisource datasets and insights that aid the discovery and development of personalized medicines for treatment of neurobehavioral disorders.

AI in personalized medicine
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The Challenge

A clinical-stage neurobehavioral health company pioneering Artificial Intelligence technologies to advance their studies reached out to NewPage for a Mobile Health and Big Data solution enabling behavioral scientists to rapidly create and more effectively administer and analyze visual discrimination tests. The client wanted to replace their stand-alone Probabilistic Reward Task application that served only one pair of images for visual discrimination with a precision mobile app solution providing multiple stimuli types that could be paired based on Subject ID and Visit type. The client also wanted a centralized data storage and processing infrastructure to serve as a single, up-to-date reference point for all existing clinical trials. 

The Approach

NewPage customized a plan to present a fully tooled experiment authoring platform, designed to resolve many timing issues and provide reliable online experimentation tests that would have a wider range of technical capabilities, such as capturing response time, generating output response files, scheduling Aggregate metrics files, and secure data transfers. Our solution would accelerate the reward task solution delivery timeline because it reuses technology components and processes that are pre-built, tested and proven. Our solution was designed to effectively utilize the data and optimize its overall management. 

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The Results

Using our vast experience in data solutions and behavioral experiments proved to be effective in delivering not only to our client’s vision but it resulted in a reusable behavioral experimentation platform capable of solving any number of challenges in the healthcare industry. The Mobile Health and Big Data platform will enable behavioral scientists to rapidly create, administer and analyze visual discrimination experiments demanding extreme precision of image display and participant responses. With the help of our solution, the client will come up with clinical trial endpoints and be able to identify more homogenous patient subgroups who share underlying neurobiology so the company can direct its drug candidates to neurobiologically-defined patient populations. 


As  strategic technology partner, NewPage solutions brought deep technical expertise to accelerate development of key digital apabilities including development of cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform and various other digital health mobile applications.

Pablo Gersberg - VP, Information Technology and Digital Health
Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company

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