Gaming Business Analyst

Whom We Need?

You will guide the team to produce fit-for-purpose solutions as the ultimate measure of success. Working closely with stakeholders and partner teams to discuss and understand the vision and strategy and help everyone reach tactical next steps. 


  • Translation of broad-stroke feature requests from stakeholders into the Epics and Stories that the development team can refine and prepare before putting it to work. 
  • Establishing acceptance criteria to qualify what a successful outcome looks like.
  • Document agreed-on outcomes about how our systems should function and how they should be used. 
  • Document system design decisions regarding state, activity, flow diagrams, value streams, persistent maps, and whatever forms are necessary to capture the essence of system components and their interactions and make the whole as understandable as possible for everyone.
  • Promote systems thinking and be the voice of experience and reason in approaching the platform’s build in ways that avoid or plan around excessive debts or challenges for the future.
  • Manage a debt log, showing where we have accrued or inherited technical, nontechnical, or process debt.
  • Technical or process debt – Ensure debt is discussed at sprint and program planning levels and that team time is allocated to focus on it.
  • Help with the operationalization and globalization of the platform and services. Assist the Ops lead(s) and partner teams in understanding the system and designing processes and flows that progressively push repetitive tasks from the platform development space to the platform operations space.
  • The ideal candidate with over five years of experience in problem-solving positions on development teams for complex projects and technologies within large organizations. However, no prior Business Analyst (BA) experience is required for this role, based on its duties and expectations outlined in the job description. Also must have thinking skills to develop solutions across various product development areas.
  • Experience of the problems and downfalls with Agile and DevOps implementations in large organizations and ideas about what can work to solve some of the issues.
  • Experience working in a high-performing DevOps team and the role a BA can play in facilitating the week-to-week performance of the group.
  • Experience managing Jira and Confluence, so they are organized and make sense to new team members.

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