Drupal Solution Architect

Whom Do We Need?

We are looking for a Drupal expert for the position of Solution Architect (Drupal) with at least ten years of experience in theming and module development and who possesses both analytical and technical skills. One who can lead, dwell in end-to-end solution designing, and assist the team on all technical aspects of solution implementation.

  • Previous hands-on experience architecting enterprise solutions for at least
  • 3+ yrs.
  • Have strong experience in Object Oriented Programming on PHP and extensive
  • knowledge of Object Oriented Design Patterns such as MVC and Singleton.
  • Strong experience in custom modules design and development
  • Deep expertise in configuration and packaging of custom Drupal distributions
  • Proficiency in PHP, SQL, jQuery, CSS, and Views
  • Experienced in the optimization and fine-tuning of Drupal
  • Experience with the implementation of Varnish, Solr, GeoIP, Commerce, Uber
  • cart, and CRM integration.
  • Skilled in all aspects of web development with extensive PHP, Drupal 6/7/8
  • experience
  • Strong problem-solving, communication, and decision-making skills
  • Ability to learn new tools/upskill on the go.

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