How Pharma is Delivering Omnichannel Experience using Adobe Experience Cloud

How Pharma is Delivering Omnichannel Experience Using Adobe Experience Cloud

How Pharma is Delivering Omnichannel Experience using Adobe Experience Cloud

How Pharma is Delivering Omnichannel Experience Using Adobe Experience Cloud

By Nirmitsinh Vaghela
By Nirmitsinh Vaghela

The pharmaceutical industry knows challenges like no one else! From launching new drugs to complying with regulations, meeting development timelines, and adapting to technological changes – the struggle seems so real! But one of the most critical challenges constantly slowing down Pharma’s growth is the need for more effective engagement and communication with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients in the digital world.

To keep up, leading pharma companies invest in sustainable plans & tools that seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and offer exclusive experiences to their target audience across all touchpoints, whether through traditional in-person interactions or digital channels like websites, social media, or various patient apps. This approach is known as omnichannel marketing, and many companies across the pharmaceutical industry are adapting themselves to this marketing model.

Pharmaceutical industry leaders such as Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics, Merck, and Sanofi have embraced Adobe Experience Cloud as a robust omnichannel ecosystem to deliver personalized digital experiences, enhance customer engagement, and provide superior healthcare outcomes.

The pandemic has forever altered how healthcare is delivered. The global launch of the COVID-19 vaccine has provided invaluable lessons, highlighting the immediate need to seamlessly integrate communication channels and customer support systems to develop and deliver personalized content using analytical insights to achieve a better customer experience,” says Amjad Khan, VP of Customer Success at NewPage, who led the global digital launch and rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine at Pfizer.

Adobe Experience Cloud is an innovative solution connecting HCPs and patients through their preferred channels. It provides an ideal platform that integrates all the tools for optimized communication, content delivery, marketing automation, customer journey mapping, and data analysis. Working in perfect harmony, these tools collect and leverage customer data from every interaction, enabling the development of highly targeted messaging and campaigns that resonate with the unique needs of HCPs and patients. The result is a seamless, consistent, and relevant customer experience across all touchpoints throughout the journey.

Furthermore, Adobe Experience Cloud is a HIPAA-compliant solution that establishes responsible consumer data management benchmarks. It guarantees that patient health information is created, received, transmitted, or maintained within industry safeguards. Moreover, it respects individual consent and preferences, enabling control over how consumer data is utilized, managed, and preserved.

Let’s learn how the different components of the Adobe Experience Cloud work together to deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience for ‘Pharma X.’ Below, we have real-life examples, but the names of companies have been removed.

Content Management

Content plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional experiences that drive business success. However, mere content delivery is no longer sufficient. It is imperative to release content swiftly while ensuring its efficacy in engaging and creating standout, high-performing experiences. Now, you no longer need to compromise between the two.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites (CMS), also known as Adobe Franklin, unlocks the power of exceptional experiences through unparalleled content velocity, improved discoverability, built-in experimentation, superior performance, and groundbreaking GenAI innovations. It empowers content teams to accelerate business growth by delivering personalized content across all channels and touchpoints.

Example – 

Let’s say Pharma X, a leading pharmaceutical company, overcame numerous challenges in delivering COVID-19 vaccines. These obstacles included physical, scientific, and digital hurdles. Despite tight timelines and unprecedented distribution demands, they successfully met the global and local market needs.

Pharma X strategically adopted Adobe Experience Manager Sites (CMS) as their primary digital operations platform. This move enabled them to swiftly publish tailored, dynamic content across multiple channels, catering to diverse markets. They implemented Global Gateway, a unified URL that serves users worldwide, including patients and healthcare professionals, regardless of location.

This unified gateway ensures high discoverability and delivers a consistent user experience, allowing intuitive navigation and access to essential information. By embracing this approach, they effectively disseminated up-to-date and relevant information on vaccine safety, efficacy, distribution, and administration across various channels. This fostered trust and transparency among healthcare professionals and patients globally.

Content Supply Chain 

The demand for customized and premium content continues to rise in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the challenges of isolated teams, inefficient workflows, and disparate tools often hinder the timely delivery of content. This results in delayed marketing campaigns, reduced personalization, and increased content costs.

Fortunately, there is a solution, Adobe GenStudio Powered by Generative AI. This cutting-edge tool offers unparalleled speed and agility, optimizing every aspect of the content supply chain. From strategic planning and creation to seamless delivery and activation, GenStudio revolutionizes the entire process. By implementing this integrated content supply chain solution, pharmaceutical executives, practitioners, creative operations teams, IT professionals, and project managers can collaborate effortlessly and deliver highly personalized experiences through an efficient end-to-end content engine.


Pharma X strategically utilized Adobe GenStudio’s advanced capabilities to revolutionize its content supply chain, addressing challenges associated with personalized content creation. Despite complexities arising from multiple teams and agencies working on diverse materials for distinct markets, the content production process encountered inefficiencies and disconnections.

Through the seamless implementation of Adobe GenStudio, Pharma X successfully harmonized its global content production process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Empowered by the tool’s cutting-edge AI-powered features, it achieved unparalleled scalability in personalization, ensuring profoundly pertinent content delivery across all channels.

Moreover, Adobe GenStudio provided invaluable insights into content performance, enabling continuous enhancement and optimization of marketing endeavors. Equipped with this comprehensive solution, the company propelled content velocity, elevated customer experiences, and achieved unprecedented business growth. As a result, it emerged as an industry beacon of excellence, setting a new standard for professional leaders in the pharmaceutical realm.

Customer Data Management and Acquisition

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer data management and acquisition, it is crucial for high-level pharma leadership to navigate dynamic privacy regulations and the changing realm of third-party cookies. Embracing a future-ready customer data platform and implementing a comprehensive advertising strategy is imperative to attract new customers while upholding their privacy and trust in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Leading tools like Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Audience Manager offer an integrated approach, enabling the collection, analysis, governance, and utilization of data for personalized experiences at scale. This empowers high-level pharma leadership with added flexibility to optimize the journeys of valuable audiences and measure the impact across earned, owned, and paid channels.

For marketing technologists, digital marketers, advertisers, customer data teams, loyalty managers, publishers, and acquisition and media teams in the pharmaceutical industry, developing a deep understanding of customers and treating them with the utmost respect is paramount. This involves converting data into valuable experiences and continuously learning and optimizing each customer interaction, both on-site and off-site.

Example – 

Pharma X faced significant challenges managing customer data across multiple systems and tools. However, leveraging the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, they successfully consolidated all customer data into one centralized location, allowing them to analyze and utilize data in real-time.

The consolidated data provides valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences, enabling us to deliver highly personalized experiences at every touchpoint. With the power of AI, we have optimized customer journeys, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. Our advanced privacy features ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, building customer trust.

As a result, we have seen a remarkable surge in customer loyalty, amplified sales, and an elevated brand reputation within the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical industry. Our strategic implementation of the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

Personalized Insights and Engagement

In today’s digital-first world, everyone strives to establish themselves as an experience-driven brand. However, achieving experience-led growth is no easy task. It requires placing personalized insights and engagement at the core of your customer experience strategy. This means empowering cross-functional stakeholders with next-gen technologies and services that enable collaboration, experimentation, intelligence-driven marketing, and real-time personalization at scale.

Adobe Marketo Measure and Adobe Marketo Engage are powerful tools to help you create an intelligent, connected customer experience ecosystem based on personalized insights and engagement. Whether you’re a business decision-maker, marketing executive, technologist, or data practitioner, this ecosystem can help you delight customers and drive incremental revenue growth.

Example – 

Pharma X effectively leveraged Adobe Marketo Engage in conjunction with its CRM system to establish a unified customer data platform. This strategic integration enabled comprehensive data analysis from various sources like website interactions, email campaigns, and digital ads. By understanding customer behaviors and preferences, they delivered tailored and personalized content at every touchpoint, improving engagement and conversion rates.

The robust analytics and reporting capabilities provided by Adobe Marketo Engage empowered them to measure the impact of their marketing initiatives and continuously optimize for superior outcomes. Notably, this holistic approach enhanced customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth for Pharma X. 

Planning and Workflow

To lead global marketing campaigns, streamline the content supply chain, innovate product design, or facilitate business transformation, you must possess the expertise to rally around visionary concepts and drive strategic initiatives while effectively managing complex processes at scale.

Adobe Workfront is a revolutionary solution that automates workflow, centralizes programs, fosters collaboration, and aligns execution with organizational objectives. It optimizes people, projects, and strategy convergence, enhancing work efficiency and delivering crucial business outcomes. Experience a seamless and highly efficient work environment that maximizes productivity and unlocks trapped value.

Example – 

Pharma X faced complex challenges in managing decentralized marketing processes across diverse teams and regions. They seamlessly integrated Adobe Workfront to overcome this, resulting in revolutionary benefits.

The company efficiently planned and executed global marketing campaigns by leveraging the platform’s advanced project management capabilities, leading to higher success rates and improved ROI. Real-time visibility provided by Adobe Workfront empowered teams to identify and overcome obstacles, ensuring smooth progress.

Implementing Adobe Workfront brought forth positive outcomes for the company, including heightened efficiency, streamlined processes, and substantial cost savings. As a result, they delivered exceptional work at an accelerated pace, securing a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry.


Customer journeys can unfold anywhere, on any device. That’s why gaining a comprehensive view of these journeys is crucial for making intelligent business decisions. With powerful tools like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, and Adobe Product Analytics, multiple teams across your organization – from analysts and data scientists to marketers and product managers – can better understand customers’ digital and omnichannel experiences.

These tools use a unified framework and language of analytics to deliver real-time insights that enhance customer engagement, boost conversion rates, and elevate your brand’s overall lifetime value.

Example –

Pharma X faced challenges in understanding customer behavior on its digital platforms. Despite having a vast volume of customer data, the organization needed more tools and technologies to analyze and derive valuable insights. This knowledge gap resulted in a disconnect in their marketing strategy, hindering the delivery of personalized customer experiences.

To address this issue, Pharma X turned to Adobe Analytics, a solution that proved instrumental in solving their problem. Leveraging the platform’s real-time analytics capabilities, they successfully tracked, understood, and analyzed the behaviors of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients across multiple touchpoints within their digital ecosystem. For instance, they gained insights into which product information captured the most attention from HCPs, identified the duration of time spent on different pages, determined the content types that generated higher engagement, and discovered the reasons behind bounce rates and peak times for customer interactions.

Armed with these valuable insights, Pharma X refined their marketing strategies, established various channels for different touchpoints, personalized content, and enhanced customer engagement. Moreover, they were able to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, enabling them to predict future actions and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Adobe Analytics not only provided them with a secure platform for data analysis but also ensured compliance with industry regulations and standards. This instilled confidence in the company to make data-driven decisions without concerns about data security or compliance issues.

Overall, Adobe Analytics was pivotal in its digital transformation, empowering the company to leverage customer data effectively and deliver personalized experiences at scale. This led to more robust engagement and communication, fostering meaningful connections with their audience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Delivering care is no longer just about providing the proper treatment or medication. Like every other industry, personalization and experience-driven omnichannel marketing are becoming critical to the success of pharma companies. However, the journey does not end here; new strategies and tools will be required to support the evolving needs of our stakeholders, be they HCPs, Patients, or Consumers. Pharma leaders must remain agile, forward-thinking, and customer-centric to thrive in this high-stakes industry. Secondly,  be a fast follower in embracing industry-leading marketing technology solutions to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the digital revolution. 

If you’re interested in exploring how these advanced technologies and tools can work with your unique business needs, reach out to us at NewPage Solutions, an exclusive Adobe Partner, and we’ll be delighted to assist you on your journey toward digital excellence.

Newpage is a renowned industry leader in harnessing the power of Adobe Franklin to fuel digital transformation and elevate the customer experience for pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Our team is currently spearheading one of the leading Pharma implementations of Adobe Franklin on a global scale, and we would be delighted to offer our expertise and insights from our experience to help drive your success. Get in touch with us today!


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    By Nirmitsinh Vaghela
    By Nirmitsinh Vaghela