Remote Patient Monitoring mHealth App for Hemophilia

Health IoT wearables and companion mHealth app provides real-time monitoring of infusions and bleeds enabling Hemophilia patients and their doctors to intervene proactively to limit complications that lead to disruptive and costly hospital treatment.

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The Challenge

Some diseases, such as hemophilia, require close monitoring by a physician, which isn’t always feasible. To address this, a leading multinational bio-pharmaceutical company requested an app that closely monitors the health of hemophilia patients and lets them easily log infusions of any factor replacement product, record bleeds and track activity. Having the collected data would enable healthcare providers to administer preventative care before patients require more serious medical treatment, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs. 

The Approach

The biopharma company selected NewPage for the project because of our experience in digital solutions, especially with wearables and tracking. Seeking to revolutionize communication between patient and physician, we planned to develop an app providing connectivity with wearables, allowing patients or caregivers to log daily activity. The customized app (mHealth) would monitor patients throughout their treatment journey and recovery, and allow the ability to send complete reports to physicians. To make the app easily accessible, NewPage would design it for download through iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.  

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The Results

The app, developed using NewPage’s extensive experience with digital health solutions, has been downloaded more than 1,000 times through the App Store and Google Play. It is accessible in English and Spanish to patients and caregivers in the USA, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. It offers team connectivity, keeping care providers constantly updated; records infusions by selecting date, time, treatment infusion site and doses; tracks factor supply and provides alerts when reorder is necessary; generates reports that can be shared with the treatment team via email in PDF and spreadsheet; offers the ability to set reminders; and, if needed, helps the patient locate a nearby Hemophilia Treatment Center. Through the app physicians can make better, more informed decisions that fit the individual. Because patients can track their exact factor level hourly, healthcare providers can help prevent bleeds and the resulting painful complications that disrupt a patient’s quality of life.

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