Accelerated QA Strategy For A Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Automated Regression Testing strategy for a WebBuilder Portal managing 800+ websites resulted in a 94% reduction in testing time.

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The Challenge

Our client is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. The company manages more than 800 websites built on a DIY WebBuilder portal. These websites are created and used by their Marketing team for brand promotion and campaigns. Using the WebBuilder portal, the marketing team creates web pages through a simple drag and drop interface. 

The WebBuilder Portal is frequently upgraded to add new features and functionality. This necessitates conducting regression testing frequently to ensure that any program or code change done to upgrade the website doesn’t adversely affect existing features, ease of use, and the overall user experience of the portal. 

The company was previously conducting regression testing manually which resulted in several challenges such as longer testing cycles, and high resource consumption. They also faced difficulties in scaling up the process and managing it on a daily basis.

The healthcare company selected us for our deep expertise in QA strategy consulting and implementation.


After a detailed analysis of their testing process, needs, and challenges, our team proposed automating the regression testing process. An automated regression testing process would enable scalability, help run tests 24/7, 365 days, test iteratively, create instant feedback loops and accelerate the testing process. We started with creating an end-to-end testing strategy, plan, and design. Some of the key focus areas were-

  1. Functional parameters connected to WebBuilder Portal
  2. GrapesJS functionality, website creation, and deployment cycle
  3. Support for the solution on deployed sites using WebBuilder
  4. Website performance and User Experience

Our team built a CI/CD pipeline workflow consisting of automated scripts to test the GrapesJS operations and cross-device functionality to ensure the solution works seamlessly across different environments. We also automated 280 scripts for execution on Travis which significantly accelerated the testing cycle and minimized resource requirements.

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Our strategy consulting and execution efforts significantly helped our client in solving various problems faced in the manual process. It also brought measurable results such as-

  1. 94% reduction in testing time with automated test scripts

  2. Enhanced productivity through reusable regression scripts to complete the entire test automation cycle of 280 cases 

“The Newpage team brought together the business and technical aspects of the solution really well, helping us launch a platform on-time that helped us improve the maintenance and utilization of our IT assets”

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Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company

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