Personalized mHealth Solutions to Engage Patients

Personalized mHealth solutions engage patients and improve health outcomes through remote patient monitoring, medication reminders and tracking, health surveys and insights, active tasks assistance, study scheduling and adverse events reporting.

mHealth Solutions
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The Challenge

A leading multinational biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and providing more than 170 medications, vaccines and healthcare products was looking for Personalized Digital Patient Engagement solutions that would complement its medicines and drive the best possible outcomes for patients throughout their treatment journey. The client approached NewPage because of our demonstrated experience in digital patient engagement solutions.

The Approach

Some diseases and conditions require close monitoring, which isn’t always feasible. Seeking to revolutionize communication between patient and physician, we planned to develop customizable Mobile Health Apps (mHealth) that would meet specific requirements—depending on disease state and treatment—which would guide and assist patients throughout their health journey by providing any of the following: adherence tracking; medication reminders; report generation; adverse events reporting; study scheduling; surveys; insights; active tasks; educational medical content; and social support by connecting patients with friends, family and caregivers. 

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The Results

NewPage’s Mobile Health Apps impacted clinical trial/post-market enrollment, retention, adherence and patient outcomes. Examples of some of the Mobile Apps include: An app that provides support for women with metastatic breast cancer by enabling them to record their emotions daily and share with family, friends and healthcare providers; an app that encourages those trying to quit smoking to follow their 12-week prescription plan with the help of a progress tracker, access to health tips articles, and social feed for sharing; and an app that helps kidney cancer patients by providing medication tracking and adherence reminders, report sharing with healthcare providers, safety information and links to useful websites.  

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