Mobile Health Companion for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Friends and loved ones provide encouragement and assistance with life’s routine tasks using this connected mHealth application to stay in touch and give support to patients living with metastatic breast cancer.

Breast Cancer
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The Challenge

A leading multinational biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and providing more than 170 medications, vaccines and healthcare products was looking for a personalized mobile patient engagement solution that would help women with metastatic breast cancer by recording their emotions daily: positive, negative and many emotions in between. The client approached NewPage because of our demonstrated experience in digital patient engagement solutions.

The Approach

Some diseases and conditions require close monitoring, which isn’t always feasible. Seeking to revolutionize communication between patient and physician, we planned an app that would allow metastatic breast cancer patients to document and share their emotions they are feeling with family, friends and healthcare provider. By expressing their feelings, patients may be more likely to reach out, take action and get support. The app’s icons would offer 13 facial expression icons ranging from sad, isolated, angry to determined, hopeful and happy. The app would record and generate a graph showing emotion trends. It also would include a page with contacts, events and services, and partner organizations. 

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The Results

With our depth and breadth of experience in mobile engagement apps, NewPage met all of the client’s requirements for a Mobile App for women with metastatic breast cancer. Through the app, patients are able to record their emotions—with a broad spectrum of choices—as they progress through their treatment journey. With the app, patients will know that support can be a touch of an app away, and they never have to face metastatic breast cancer alone. The app is available in Android and IOS in more than 10 countries and multiple languages. 

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