Microservices Save Client Time and Money

Microservices developed to manage dynamic web pages for a healthcare company with more than 1,000 websites generated cost savings and eliminated labor-intensive work.

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The Challenge

A global pharmaceutical company needed a solution to simplify the management of more than 1,000 static websites and reduce the ongoing maintenance costs. The client’s sites were hosted on a third-party Drupal platform. And although the company had developed a solution to host the static sites in AWS S3, they still needed a way to handle the sites’ dynamic content. The company selected NewPage because of our extensive experience developing innovative, sustainable and cost effective backend APPLICATION PLATFORM and INFRASTRUCTURE solutions.

The Approach

The NewPage team proposed a solution that would simplify management of the websites and eliminate Drupal licensing fees. Static HTML web pages would be deployed to AWS S3 buckets and dynamic web pages with forms we would generated on the fly using microservices. Generic microservices were designed and developed so they could be configured for specific websites using a standard JSON configuration template. The template allowed the various aspects of web-based forms to be customized via configuration (e.g. form fields, validations, process types, etc.). Pre-built configurations accelerate creating popular form types such as contact us, simple login, etc..

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The Results

NewPage removed the client’s 1,000 static websites from the Drupal platform and implemented a new architecture with the static pages in AWS S3 bucket and the dynamic pages handled through the microservices we developed. The solution from NewPage helped simplify management of the client’s websites resulting in significant cost savings and the elimination of labor intensive activities.

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