mHealth App Tracks Vaccinations for Entire Family

Mobile health app enables vaccinations to be tracked for multiple family members and provides important information about specific vaccines and their possible side effects.

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The Challenge

A leading multinational biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and providing more than 170 medications, vaccines and healthcare products reached out to NewPage to create a Mobile Application to track vaccinations, allowing multiple profiles. While the app could be utilized for individuals of all ages, the main usage would be to track children’s vaccinations. It would be easily accessible wherever the user carries their IOS or Android device. 

The Approach

The client selected NewPage because of our demonstrated experience developing Mobile Health Applications and Patient Engagement tools by leveraging the latest emerging technologies. After discovering client requirements, we began developing an intuitive app that would allow the user to create several profiles to enable the vaccine tracking of multiple family members.  The profiles include specifics such as age, height, weight, birthday, etc., and also the dates of vaccinations and dose reminder. The app allows the user to add vaccinations not on the standard schedule list and to send reminders for all upcoming vaccinations, which will improve vaccine adherence. 

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The Results

NewPage’s tracker app was well-received by the client. The app can be used to document all vaccinations, acting as a “notebook on the go,” since the user can access it virtually anywhere they take their IOS or Android device. It is available for download in multiple languages, including German, French, English, Italian and Dutch. There have been well over 1,000 downloads to date. The app also provides information on vaccines and possible adverse effects. NewPage looks forward to future integrations with HealthKit and other technological advancements that are leveraging mobile technologies to improve healthcare on a global scale. 

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