mHealth App Monitors Patients with Advanced Kidney Cancer

Mobile Health app improves information flow between the patient and healthcare provider by tracking and reporting the kidney cancer patient’s adherence to treatment, side effects of medication and overall feelings.

Mobile Health App
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The Challenge

A leading multinational biopharmaceutical company approached NewPage to develop a Mobile Application that would serve as a resource for patients and their caregivers to manage the treatment of advanced kidney cancer. The key requirements were to provide an app that lets patients record their general feeling and side effects—which they could share with their healthcare providers—and enable them to set medication reminders. NewPage was selected for the project because of our demonstrated experience developing Mobile Health Applications and Engagement tools.

The Approach

Our solution approach was to build on Mobile Health Engagement tools that NewPage has previously developed. We tailored a solution to increase engagement between the patient and healthcare provider by enabling the patient to record their feelings and medication side effects, upload a photo or add comments within the application. Patients can easily generate reports to monitor their progress, which can be emailed to healthcare providers with the click of a button. The app provides medication reminders and keeps track of upcoming medical appointments. Using the app, the patient can access health tips and advice for dealing with medication side effects.

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The Results

By leveraging solutions we previously developed, NewPage was able to provide the Mobile Health App with a quicker turnaround and at a lower cost to the client. The intuitive user experience increases the likelihood the patient will engage with the app in the treatment of their cancer. Patients can conveniently track medication usage and set reminders, which is key to increasing medication adherence. The patient can share reports containing treatment diary information with their healthcare providers via email, allowing providers to more closely monitor treatment. The Mobile Health App is available in Belgium and the Netherlands on the Android and IOS platforms.

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