Machine-Learning-Based Platform Enables Personalized Neurobehavioral Treatments

Machine-learning-based platform enables effective neurobehavioral treatments for individual patients by providing a mapping between neuralimaging maps of the brain and latent behavioral features.

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The Challenge

A US-based clinical-stage neurobehavioral health company approached NewPage to develop a machine-learning-based platform that will provide a mapping between complex data-driven neuroimaging maps of the human brain and latent behavioral features, which is critical to developing and administering effective neurobehavioral treatments for the individual patient. 

The Approach

The client came to NewPage because of our unique and proven approach to applying advanced analytics and predictive modeling to large datasets to solve complex challenges in the healthcare industry. We carefully and responsibly combine customer data, cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. We built the client’s platform as a “stand-alone set of tools” that can work with a generic neuroimaging matrix input. The platform runs jobs like “gather & compose,” “prep & initialize,” and “project” in the form of APIs for providing a mapping between complex data-driven neuroimaging maps of the human brain and latent behavioral features.  

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The Results

NewPage’s solution leveraged our experience with big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to help the client in its quest to develop and administer effective neurobehavioral treatments for the individual patient. The platform provides our client the following benefits: access to the platform’s analytics functions exposed as APIs in a scalable and robust fashion; advanced analytics to drive meaningful insights; and expanded partnering opportunities. 


As  strategic technology partner, NewPage solutions brought deep technical expertise to accelerate development of key digital apabilities including development of cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform and various other digital health mobile applications.

Pablo Gersberg - VP, Information Technology and Digital Health
Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company

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