Genetic Data Conversion and Report Management Solution

A custom data solution converts gene details into easy-to-understand personalized reports and provides streamlined DNA report generation and improved accuracy.

genetic data conversion solution
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The Challenge

A developer of personalized supplements for individuals based on their genetic profiles with the use of functional genomics science asked NewPage to create a data solution to convert gene details into reports that would be tailored to multiple types of users: the client, clinic, clinicians and patients. NewPage was selected because of our depth and breadth of knowledge in software development and data solutions. 

The Approach

NewPage’s first challenge was gaining an understanding of the gene data by studying DNA reports and analyzing the raw data stored in CSV format. NewPage and the client worked together to identify project complexities and explore solution options. The proposed solution was to develop an algorithm, a set of PDF templates and a custom translation program to convert the gene data into reports tailored by the type of user (i.e., client, clinic, clinician and patient).

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The Results

NewPage delivered a fully automated custom report management solution which significantly reduces the time required to generate DNA Reports and improves accuracy.  This project demonstrates how NewPage partners with clients to understand their unique business processes and challenges and develops solutions (a custom Java application in this example) to help healthcare companies achieve their goals and objectives and improve patient care.

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