ECommerce Platform Increases Sales of Personalized Supplements

Customized an open source ecommerce platform to simplify the online purchase of genetic test kits used to formulate personalized supplements for individuals using clinically validated science and guidance.

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The Challenge

A developer of personalized supplements for individuals based on their genetic profiles with the use of functional genomics science turned to NewPage to help them create a comprehensive Ecommerce solution allowing them to sell their product online. The challenge was the level of complexity in the online sales process workflow. In short, the process is not as simple as clicking the purchase button and then receiving a product at your doorstep. NewPage was brought in because of our depth and breadth of knowledge in software development and our ability to leverage and customize the latest Ecommerce solutions to meet customer needs quickly and at a lower cost.  

The Approach

NewPage began with an evaluation of popular open source Ecommerce platforms available in the marketplace. OpenCart was selected for its out-of-the-box functionality and ability to easily customize. We knew we would need to customize the solution to address the client’s unique order process flow that comprised multiple steps and multiple parties: First, a customer looking to buy the personalized supplements would need to register and purchase a DNA kit. Upon receiving the kit, they would need to obtain a saliva sample and ship it to a laboratory for analysis. The company’s lab technicians would then analyze the sample and create a report of findings and recommendations that would be sent to the customer. The customer would then subscribe and pay to receive ongoing shipments of the supplements. Customers had  the option to make split payments through the payment gateway but this was not supported by OpenCart out of the box. NewPage customized OpenCart to support the company’s unique split payment requirements and complex business rules that varied by customer.

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The Results

Using an industry Ecommerce platform with customizations provided by NewPage, the company was able to increase sales, serving US, Canadian and international customers. The solution included order processing, billing and payment gateway integration. Our reporting solution enabled automated generation and uploading of reports that could be shared with clinicians or the customer directly. This was another example of how NewPage collaborates closely with healthcare companies to design and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems.

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