Big Data Improves Data Utilization from Virtual Clinical Trials

NewPage developed an advanced big data solution using AWS to help a neurobehavioral health company better utilize data from virtual clinical trials.

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The Challenge

A clinical-stage neurobehavioral health company pioneering Artificial Intelligence to advance its pipeline of targeted therapeutics for treating brain disorders turned to NewPage for a solution to help it better segment and utilize a huge amount of data collected from virtual clinical trials. The client needed centralized data storage and processing infrastructure that could act as a single up-to-date reference point for existing and upcoming virtual clinical trials. Because the biology behind each patient’s disease is different, the client wanted a view of data and useful insights together with advanced analytics to enable the delivery of personalized medicine for improved mental health outcomes.  

The Approach

The future of decision-making involves a balanced mix of data, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), overseen and enhanced by human judgment and experience. The result is Augmented Intelligence – where the analytical power and speed of AI takes over the majority of data processing, guiding human professionals to make more agile, smarter decisions and find new discoveries. The client selected NewPage because of our unique and proven approach to applying data-driven technology to solve complex challenges in the healthcare industry. We carefully and responsibly combine customer data, cloud technology and AI services. Our platform accelerates the Big Data delivery timeline because it leverages technology components and processes that are pre-built, tested and proven. We were able to provide solutions by working as an extension of our client’s team with the capability of executing any project that involves big data lakes. 

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The Results

Using our vast experience in Big Data, NewPage engineered a reusable cloud-based Big Data platform and delivered a computational psychiatry and data analytics and visualization solution to enable the collection, integration and analysis of multi-dimensional data at great speed and scale. This helped the client expand their understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of neurobehavioral disorders. The client came up with clinical trial endpoints and was able to identify more homogenous patient subgroups who share underlying neurobiology so the health company can direct its drug candidates to neurobiologically defined patient populations. 


As  strategic technology partner, NewPage solutions brought deep technical expertise to accelerate development of key digital capabilities including development of cloud-based computational psychiatry and data platform and various other digital health mobile applications.

Pablo Gersberg - VP, Information Technology and Digital Health
Multinational bio-pharmaceutical company

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