Analytics Platform for Operational insights

A reusable cloud based Big Data Platform with advanced analytics and visualization that provides insights into the health of IT operations.

Big Data in Healthcare
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The Challenge

An innovative multinational biopharmaceutical company with a workforce of more than 100,000 and 800-plus client-facing websites needed a common platform to provide insights into its IT maintenance, deployment, internal support tickets and usage statistics. The client wanted an analytics platform to process data from multiple data sources and generate dashboards to view the health of all IT assets. 

The Approach

Harnessing source data at scale enables a 360-degree view of the data, allowing clients to develop insights for business decision making. And the very first step is to gather and transform heterogeneous data into an aggregated view. NewPage Architects and Data Engineers collaborated to develop the platform to process and store IT operations data from a multitude of data sources. The platform architecture accelerates onboarding of new data sources as it reuses technology components and processes that are pre-built, tested and proven. Our solution was designed to harness large volumes of data to reveal patterns and insights leading to improved IT operations.

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The Results

With our knowledge and expertise in Big Data solutions and close collaboration with the client Business and Technical teams, we produced a platform that addresses current analytics needs and future-proofing as they grow and innovate. The client benefits included: cost savings and improved visibility into IT operations through a reusable cloud-based Big Data platform with customized data analytics and visualization; minimization of human error and data integrity issues via enterprise-level capability that enables the collection, integration and analysis of multi-dimensional data; and reduced overhead and better maintainability as a result of automation and a holistic view of the IT assets. 

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