Drive Your Patient Engagement With Companion Apps

Build patient companion apps that acknowledge the unique and personal needs of each patient to support them along their treatment journey, encourage them to take charge, and improve adherence to treatments and medications. Simplify data capture and extract real-world insights to understand your patients’ pain points and accordingly enhance your treatment/products to address them.

How can digital companions help you?

Companion apps can help you address key industry-specific pain points like-


  • Getting patients more involved in their own treatment plans
  • Rising costs of providing care
  • Changes in reimbursements by insurers
  • Making healthcare accessible to remote areas


  • Low medication adherence resulting in loss of revenue
  • Increasing product awareness among customers
  • Understand customer pain-points to enhance drugs

Device Manufacturers

  • Creating physical + digital experience
  • Lack of training and poor device utilization
  • Patient noncompliance
  • Get patient feedback

Drive Measurable

Business Success

Your patients want to engage with you the same way they do with Uber or Netflix. Companion apps are a great way to offer personalized engagement to your patients. Help your staff build deeper relationships with patients and earn their trust through patient empowerment tools inbuilt into companion apps.
Patient Experience is fast emerging as a market differentiator. Your patients expect personalized engagements, like they get while shopping or entertaining. Companion apps can help you deliver new-age digital experiences to drive patient loyalty and mitigate any revenue loss.
Value-based care is all about improving patient treatment outcomes. It’s about taking a more holistic view of your patients and making sure that they receive the right care at the right time. Companion apps support your patients throughout their treatment journeys by helping them adhere to medications and treatments, monitoring their progress, and giving them access to helpful resources to better manage their conditions.
Collect real-time data and insights from your patients as they engage with the app. Patient data is extremely informative. It can tell you a lot about the behaviors of your patients and what they need from your organization or product. This can help you leverage those insights to improve your care model, treatment programs, and new drug or product development that will benefit both your brand and your customers.
Deliver memorable brand experiences with companion apps. For established brands, it is a way to outsmart your competitors. For companies that are carving their niche in the market, it is an excellent way to match up to the market leaders and build your own brand.

Our Success Stories

Smart IOT Injectables Companion

  • Novel IoT and mobile connected health app improves patient comfort and confidence by guiding and monitoring self-administered medication injections, increasing the number of successful injections and improving medication adherence.

Mobile Health Companion For Metastatic Breast Cancer

  • Friends and loved ones provide encouragement and assistance with life’s routine tasks using this connected mHealth application to stay in touch and give support to patients living with metastatic breast cancer.

App Monitors Patients With Advanced Kidney Cancer

  • App improves information flow between the patient and healthcare provider by tracking and reporting the kidney cancer patient’s adherence to treatment, side effects of medication, and overall feelings.

Why Choose NewPage?

Experience building 10+ companion apps

We have experience building all types of companion apps for patients, products and therapeutic processes. From simple apps that provide information to patients to complex apps that remotely provide care to patients – we’ve done it all.

Faster Time To Market Approach

Accel – our app development engine significantly reduces app development time. In addition, we also leverage our agile methodologies and automation to shorten the app development cycle while maintaining world-class engineering standards.

Delivery Excellence

We provide end-to-end services by leveraging agile methodologies, plug n play artifacts, and world-class coding standards to deliver high-quality solutions with faster time to market.

A highly elastic talent pool

Our team consists of high-skilled developers from across the globe who have experience in working with top technology brands. We can kick off a new project or scale a project in days to speed up project development and time to market.

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