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NewPage brings game-changing digital and connected health solutions to life.

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NewPage offers custom digital solutions to Life Science organizations.

We’re a global team of consultants, engineers, developers, and problem-solvers with deep Life Science domain expertise. From strategy and service design to software development and UX, we’re ready to help with your biggest digital health challenges.

Why Do life science Leaders Choose NewPage?

We know the industry

At NewPage, we’re not just engineers and developers — we’re digital. Our entire team is familiar with the unique challenges of developing solutions for the life science industry, including the complexities in the system.

Reduce time to market and cost

Even the most innovative digital health solutions share certain foundational elements. At NewPage, we’ve standardized these elements, allowing us to get projects done faster and at a lower price point than competitors who are starting from scratch.

No rigid delivery models

We’re committed to agile software development and lean business practices, and that carries through to our service delivery, too. Whether you need help solving a specific technical challenge or you want a team to handle solution development from start to finish, NewPage can help.

Digital Healthcare Company

Why Do Industry Leaders Choose NewPage?

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We develop solutions for ​patient engagement​, ​remote patient monitoring​, ​virtual clinical research​, and more. Our capabilities include:


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